ATV Trailers: A Vital Resource For Farming & Agriculture

ATV Trailers: A Vital Resource For Farming & Agriculture

ATVs and ATV equipment are very useful for a range of agricultural tasks. Whether you use your ATV for sport or utility, they are great pieces of equipment that offer power, mobility and a lot of fun. There is a range of ATV equipment on the market for a range of tasks including trailers, coolers, tools, furniture and ramps. But when it comes to farm and agricultural work, ATV trailers are essential. With an ATV trailer, you can customise it to your needs to carry heavy items around the property, even more than a tow vehicle alone and the ATV trailer’s low deck makes loading and unloading a simple and efficient process.

In this guide, we’ll talk about why ATV trailers are essential, how you can make good use of them and tips for operating them. Keep on reading to learn more.

What is an ATV trailer?

An ATV trailer is a small trailer that is designed to be towed behind an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). ATV trailers are usually used to transport heavy loads, such as gear, supplies or firewood. They can also be used to tow other vehicles including dirt bikes or side-by-sides. ATV trailers are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose one that is right for your needs. Some ATV trailers are even equipped with features such as ramps, winches and lights.

ATV trailers are great for agricultural properties because they increase the functionality of your ATV. They can help you to transport more gear and supplies. If you are looking for a way to make your ATV more useful, then an ATV trailer is a great option.

What are ATV trailers used for?

ATV trailers can be used for a range of agricultural tasks including transporting water, animal feed, equipment and tools and even moving large amounts of dirt from excavation. They are great for these tasks because they can handle off-round terrain and are extremely versatile pieces of equipment so they can fit in places larger vehicles are unable to. They are a great investment for farming and agriculture as they can be used for a vast amount of tasks, making your farm more efficient. 

Benefits of ATV trailers

Here is why you should invest in an ATV trailer:

  • ATV trailers help to increase the load you can carry. As it is important to be able to transfer equipment, animals, feed and supplies across the property, ATV trailers allow you to do so easily, offering excellent off-roading abilities and allowing for access to smaller spaces without losing out on power.
  • They provide increased towing ability so you can carry loads that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to such as livestock and other vehicles,
  • They are also much more versatile so you can be used for a range of tasks in a range of environments such as camping, fishing or transporting cargo.

Things to consider when buying ATV equipment

If you are thinking about getting an ATV trailer, there are a few things you should bear in mind. First, you need to decide what size trailer you need. The size of the trailer will depend on the size of your ATV and how much you need to transport. Second, you need to decide what type of trailer you want. There are two main types of ATV trailers: open trailers and enclosed trailers. Open trailers are typically less expensive, but they do not offer as much protection for your goods and equipment. Enclosed trailers are more on the pricier side, but they provide better protection for your cargo. Finally, you need to decide what features you want in your trailer. Some features that you may want to consider include ramps, winches and lights.

Types of ATV trailers

4-Wheel ATV tipping trailer

This ATV tipping trailer is perfect for carrying loads with a quick-release tipper function that makes loading and unloading simple and easy. This option from Rock Machinery comes with a rugged bed and a heavy-duty steel frame with a powder coat finish that won’t rust or corrode. The pass-through axle offers extra clearance to allow your cart to cover any terrain, perfect for farms. Other features it offers include a quick-release foot plate, durable tilt and pivot steel frame to easily dump loads, wide track tyres with sealed bearings and added stability using 4 wheels. 

ATV water trailer

This is a great option for getting water to your livestock, no matter what terrain you need to cross. Using a robust water trailer with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame, you can carry large amounts of water across your land, helping feed your livestock and provide crops with necessary nourishment. A water trailer is essential for agricultural work and can help you make your everyday tasks more efficient. At Rock Machinery, we offer a strong water trailer for your agricultural needs.

Galvanised ATV tipping trailer

For transporting heavy-duty loads such as firewood logs and more, a galvanised tipping trailer is perfect for the task. These trailers can offer up to 1100 lbs (500kg) load capacity designed to be towed behind your ATV. They are designed to be heavy-duty and highly versatile making them ideal for a range of tasks.

Tips for using an ATV trailer

Here are some tips to follow when using an ATV trailer:

  • Tongue weight: This is the weight that your vehicle’s tow hitch is supporting not pulling and it shouldn’t exceed 10% of your two capacity. You can accurately check this at a commercial truck scale or buy a ball hitch with an in-built scale.
  • Load weight and distribution: You need to be smart about how you load. Make sure to keep heavy objects close to the axle and make sure not to put heavy loads on one side or the other.
  • Secure your load: Your ATV may have great suspension, but that doesn’t mean your trailer does too. Stuff in your trailer will get thrown around more so you can use tie-downs to keep everything in place. Be sure to strap down both front and rear wheels so that they won’t come loose.
  • Loading and unloading: Keep your trailer hitched securely to your vehicle while loading and unloading. If you unhitch the trailer, it will become unbalanced, so make sure to bear this in mind if you intend to move your ATV trailer.

When loading vans, trailers and pickup trucks, it can feel like you just want to cram in as much as can fit rather than thinking about how the load is distributed. Improper weight distribution can cause handling problems such as the trailer hopping up or down or whipping from side to side. In order to keep things safe and steady, you need to keep the following principles in mind:

ATV Trailers From Rock Machinery

Are you in need of quality trailers for your ATV? At Rock Machinery, we provide a range of ATV trailers suitable for agricultural needs. Whether you want to transport large containers of water, animal feed or equipment, we have the right trailer for the job. It’s important to invest in quality ATV equipment to keep your setup safe and reliable all year round. ATV trailers are very important on farms and for agriculture, so it’s a great piece of equipment to invest in. We can help advise you on the right trailer to choose from, from a tipping trailer to a water trailer. We also provide ATV mowers and backhoes, so whatever agricultural tasks you need to complete, we’re here to help. Speak to a member of our team today to learn more.