What types of wood chipper are there?

At Rock Machinery, we supply a wide selection of wood chippers, designed to suit your unique project requirements. Our selection includes compact, towable and self-propelled varieties, where each is capable of managing differing quantities of wood, depending on your desired outcome. We currently stock a range of Venom models, as well as road towable and value options to suit any budget.

What digger attachments are available?

Our mini diggers and excavators are designed to be efficient and versatile, where the ability to customise your attachments allows this piece of machinery to be used for a range of projects. We supply a number of field rollers to help you to manage your lawn spaces, as well as a variety of different bucket attachments to assist with scooping, digging and landscaping.

How do stump grinders work?

A stump grinder is a specialist piece of equipment used for breaking up stubborn tree stumps into more manageable chunks. This is achieved through the use of a rotating disk that features sharp teeth designed to cut into the wood and the earth. Once applied, this allows for a stump to be extracted from the ground where it can then be cut into chips or mulch for further processing.

What is an ATV trailer?

An ATV trailer is a piece of equipment used for storage and transportation that can be attached to off-road or all-terrain vehicles. These come in a number of different shapes and sizes in accordance with your project needs. At Rock Machinery, we supply a wide range of ATV trailers, including those with tipping mechanisms, as well as mesh carts and water trailers.

How do firewood processors work?

Firewood processors are a piece of complex machinery that takes raw wood and transforms it into usable logs for your fire. Using a combination of chopping tools, funnels and conveyor belts, a processor will split, saw and chop your wood into manageable pieces, so that these can be transported and stacked with ease.

Do I need a portable saw mill?

A portable sawmill is a useful tool for splitting and splicing large pieces of lumbar into more manageable logs. These sawmills can be transported using a suitable towing vehicle, so that they can be utilised close to where wood is being gathered and processed. If you are clearing an area of forest, felling an old tree, or working on a large-scale DIY project, then a portable saw mill could be the perfect tool for you.

Are log splitters easy to use?

A log splitter is a simple tool that can help you to manage your wood supplies, either on a small or large scale. Like any wood management equipment, it is important to follow the recommended safety precautions before using your machinery, where you should always read the instructions in full and seek professional advice if you are unsure about how to proceed.

What size wood chipper do I need?

When selecting your wood chipper, you should consider the size of the logs you intend to process. Always choose a piece of machinery that has a suitable capacity for your project requirements, where you should also think about how much wood you need to process and how frequently you will be using the equipment. 

Are wood splitters safe to use?

Like all wood processing equipment, wood splitters are safe to use in the right hands. Always invest in personal protective equipment before use, including protective gloves, eyewear and ear defenders. You should also read the instruction manual carefully and contact an expert for further information if you are unsure on how to proceed.

Do I need new teeth for my stump grinder?

You should pay close attention to the performance of your stump grinder to decipher whether your machine needs new teeth. This all depends on how often the equipment is utilised, where you should look out for missing teeth and broken pockets. Replace these immediately to avoid causing unnecessary wear and tear to the rest of the machine.

What ATV equipment is available?

At Rock Machinery, we supply a wide range of ATV equipment to help you to manage all of your project needs. In addition to our selection of all-terrain trailers, we also supply chain harrows, drop baskets and aggregate spreaders to suit your vehicle. Take a look at our full product range today.

What size is a mini chipper?

Consumer grade mini chippers are usually of a size that allows for easy transportation and storage. These tend to consist of a diameter up to around 45 cm, whilst industrial sized wood chippers can measure up to four metres across to suit a range of large scale projects.

How does a rotavator work?

A rotavator is fitted with rotating discs or teeth that move through the soil in order to remove weeds, dislodge rocks and prepare the ground for planting. These can be manual and hand operated or powered by a diesel engine for a more efficient approach. 

What is an earth auger used for?

An earth auger is a type of drilling tool, where rotating metal blades work to create cylindrical holes in compacted ground or in solid materials such as wood. This can be useful for the deep planting of trees, the installation of fence posts or the creation of irrigation trenches. 

Do I need an ATV mower?

An ATV mower can help you to accomplish a range of tasks that an ordinary mower may not be able to manage. All terrain vehicles are designed to tackle uneven ground without causing damage to the mowing mechanism, where their large size means you can cover large swathes of ground with efficiency.