1000lb Swivel Lifting Crane with Winch

1000lb Swivel Lifting Crane with Winch

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Perfect tool for landscapers, tree surgeons, builders and farmers

Now with additional fitted manual wind lifting winch

These superb cranes can be used for a variety of tasks and can even be mounted on your van or trailer body to allow the easy on/off lift of heavy items.

The crane arm extends to a maximum outward working range of 1290mm and lifting range of 2015mm making it an ideal tool for lifting bulk bags on and off trailers, removing engines from vehicles and other general uses about the garage/ workshop.

The cranes have a 10mm flat heavy steel mounting base plate with 8 holes making fixing to any surface quick and simple.

The uses for this fantastic crane are endless and so far we have sold them to many different trades. A local tree surgeon now has two of them with 1 being mounted in the center of his trailer allowing him to load 4 bulk bags of logs effortlessly and the other at the headboard of his tipping van body allowing him to lift heavy equipment on and off by himself.