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Choosing Your Log Splitter: An In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

Choosing Your Log Splitter: An In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

It’s easy to become infuriated by manually chopping wood. Welding an axe can be dangerous and tiring, not to mention extremely uncomfortable. To help modernise your wood-splitting experience, choose a log splitter.

To help you find the right machine for you, read on for everything you need to know about log splitters. 

Defining a Log Splitter

When considering purchasing a log splitter to help with your needs, it’s vital to know first what the machine will do. A log splitter is a machine that will split tree logs into easily usable firewood. Most log splitters are powered by a form of motor, which means they can reliably and automatically chop wood as needed. 

Wood was once cut by hand, with the use of an axe. This activity was often gruelling for the person chopping the wood, as well as inefficient and difficult to perfect. While some people still opt to do so when living off-grid, the development of log splitters has made the process infinitely easier. 

Today, there are several different types of log splitters. Some are designed specifically for domestic use, to chop wood needed for traditional fireplaces and wood-burning ovens. As an alternative fuel source, wood is once again seeing a rise in use. Other types are targeted toward commercial use, great for efficiently splitting heavy logs into manageable sizes, ready for purchase. 

The Benefits of Using a Log Splitter

Log splitters have become gradually more popular in our modern world for good reason. Their advantages are many, persuading people to ditch the axe for a more efficient method.

Read on to find out just some of the benefits of log splitters.

Less Strain on Your Body

Gone are the days of flannel shirts and axes. Instead of chopping wood traditionally, which can cause enormous strain on your body over time, choosing a wood splitter will transform a once difficult task into a pleasurable one.

Certain wood splitters also come with tables, preventing the need for repeatedly and strenuously bending over. Without the right lifting technique, a body carrying out a lot of manual labour is at risk of causing severe injuries, which slowly strip away its quality of life over time. To help avoid this, always bend the knees while lifting heavy loads from the floor and opt for machinery that makes storing heavy goods easier.

Faster Than Traditional Methods

Besides taking the strain out of chopping wood, log splitters are much faster than even the quickest lumberjack. This is especially true when it comes to substantial loads of wood, which would be difficult and slow to cut manually. Additionally, where a person would get gradually tired over time, a wood splitter will go at the same rate regardless of the amount it must chop.

Uniform Cuts

To err is human, but does result in a lot of wasted and poorly chopped wood. Uniform wood is much more useful than off-cuts, as it will burn properly and safely in a fire. To achieve these strict sizes of split logs, a log splitter is the very best option. The machine will evenly chop wood, taking the hassle out of trying to get wood split straight by hand.

What To Consider

Before outright purchasing your new wood splitter, there are some important factors that you should consider. In this section, we’ll cover some essential questions to ask yourself about your wood-splitter needs and the features of a variety of machine types.

Domestic or Commercial Use

A key factor to take into account when choosing your new wood splitter is how it will be used. Are you producing split logs solely for your home, or is it for a commercial purpose? Narrowing your needs down can help you easily determine which wood splitter you should choose.

For domestic purposes, simple and compact wood splitters may be better equipped for your needs. These are easily stored away, only pulled out when needed. Commercial log splitters, on the other hand, can spit large amounts of wood quickly.

Fuel Source

Before purchasing any wood splitter, consider the fuel source that it runs on. Choosing the right fuel source is essential, as without careful consideration you may be left high and dry without the ability to split the logs you need for chilly months. 

Luckily, a petrol wood splitter is always a reliable option. You can easily obtain the fuel you need, as petrol can be sourced in a myriad of ways. By purchasing a fuel-efficient wood splitter too, you can lessen the amount of fuel you need to source.

For a greener alternative, an electric log splitter can be useful. It should simply plug into your mains power supply, making it great for domestic use. Like petrol, electricity is readily available in most places, so you can use your wood splitter in a variety of areas too, great if you routinely travel about.


How much wood will you be splitting? This is an essential question to ask yourself before purchasing a wood splitter. Choosing the wrong size can be a pain, especially if you’re unsure of where and how to store it. 

You can opt for a compact wood splitter for ease of storage, while still achieving perfectly split wood. Compact wood splitters are fantastic for getting the job done without having to store and wield a heavier wood splitter.

For more substantial loads of wood, a heavier-duty wood splitter may be better for your needs. If you know you are likely to go through a large amount of split wood during the winter months, choosing a large wood splitter can get the job done quickly and efficiently, while producing the amount of split logs you will need.

Each wood splitter size is identifiable by the amount of tons, helping you to easily choose the size you need. To help you decide, our employees at Rock Machinery are experts. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help and assistance if you need help choosing the best wood splitter for your needs.

Regularity of Use

Before purchasing your new wood splitter, it’s a sensible idea to think about how often you are likely to use wood on your property. If you only use wood during certain seasons, opting for renting a wood splitter over purchasing one can be helpful. Renting can be an effective way to split your wood, without needing maintenance on your machine.

On the other hand, owning a wood splitter allows you the freedom of choice. You can use your wood splitter whenever it is needed, without having to contact a company first. Maintenance is easy with Rock Machinery wood splitters, as we offer a spare parts backup. Get in touch with our team to find out more.


Another factor to consider is whether you would like a stationary or portable wood splitter. 

A portable wood splitter will give you a bigger range of choices, allowing you to move the wood splitter wherever you may need it. Portable wood splitters are more likely to be lightweight, with wheels attached that make it easy to push the machine to its new location. These are also easily stored away, should you not need them during some months of the year.

A stationary or mounted log splitter, on the other hand, can help create a sturdy and dedicated space for your wood splitting. A mounted log splitter can be attached to a tractor, allowing you to use it on the go. A tractor gives you both a vehicle to store your split logs and a way to transport your wood back easily.

Noise Level

If you are particularly sensitive to noise, it’s important to choose carefully when purchasing a wood splitter. Ear guards should be used, but opting for one that emits fewer decibels of noise can make splitting wood a more comfortable experience.

Noise pollution is a further issue in urban areas. Using a loud wood splitter can be unpleasant for any neighbours, so choose a wood splitter that emits the right amount of noise to keep those around you happy too.

With any wood splitter, you should use personal protective equipment, including gloves, ear protection and goggles. This will keep your hands, eyes and ears safe from any splinters that come from the wood, as well as the noise emitted from your wood splitter.

Our Range

Besides providing reliable and high-quality log splitters, we also offer a range of other product types. For your gardening needs, Rock Machinery rotavators are tools used to condition and prepare the soil, ensuring it is ready for planting. Our all-terrain tools, also known as ATV equipment, are vital for getting any outdoor project done efficiently and correctly. 

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