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Teeth For Your Stump Grinder & Other Key Accessories

Teeth For Your Stump Grinder & Other Key Accessories

When it comes to accessorising, we aren’t quite referring to necklaces or scarves. The accessories we offer here at Rock Machinery are essentials for getting the most out of heavy-duty equipment, built for agricultural, domestic or construction purposes. To find out everything you need to know about extra parts for your machines, learn more in this article.

The Key Accessories

If you regularly utilise heavy machinery, there are a few essential accessories you should be on the lookout for. Several of these tools have specialised uses, which can be enhanced or adapted through the implementation of other parts. In some cases, there are accessories adapted for personal use, designed to assist you specifically. 

Teeth For Your Stump Grinder

Cutting the wood until the tree stump is gone, stump grinders are essential tools for landscaping and gardening projects. They use large speed disks to effortlessly break down the stump, without destroying the surrounding area. The teeth found on a speed disk are likely to wear down over time, making an accessible backup invaluable. Get a head start by purchasing these teeth early on, so you’ll never be left high and dry. 

Excavator Attachments

Useful for a variety of projects and tasks, excavators are recognisable machines that are frequently employed on worksites. To fully achieve the height of their versatile capabilities, try excavator attachments. Try auger drill attachments, for example, to create perfect holes without requiring an entirely different machine. 


Often, you’ll find yourself needing to transport goods around your site. Whether working on a construction project or a farm, having the right equipment to safely transport items is key. That’s why baskets are a great accessory, reliably providing a safe spot to keep any good safe. They come in a variety of sizes, making them fantastically versatile and adaptable for anyone. 

Backhoe Buckets

When it comes to digging and moving heavy amounts of soil and other materials, backhoe loaders are the perfect choice. To get the most out of their benefits, opt for several bucket attachments. Tailored for different uses, some buckets are great for raking, while others are built for digging or scooping rocks.

Safety Equipment

When using heavy-duty equipment, it’s vitally important to keep yourself safe. Machines like mini splitters can eject splintered wood into unprotected body parts, so it’s necessary to wear items like gloves and eye protection to keep yourself safe. Splinters can cause more damage than expected, so safety is truly vital.

Security Vaults

Tools and equipment can be very expensive, so leaving them unattended is never recommended. Instead, choosing an accessory like a tool vault is a great way to guarantee the safety of your belongings. These helpful storage boxes can be used in a variety of ways, from stored inside vans, hidden away at home or left on-site. There are even drilling mounts on many, meaning they can be attached to your vehicles directly!

Spreaders & Sprayers

After employing your rotavators to separate soil for seeds, the thought of doing this all by hand is not a welcome one. Luckily, towable spreaders are brilliant for spreading seeds and fertiliser, making the planting process smoother with more consistency in application.  These versatile tools can also be used for salt and other free-flowing materials, making them a great investment for any project

Sprayers, on the other hand, are versatile and used for a myriad of applications. From distributing liquid fertilisers and watering plants to applying pesticides, sprayers are brilliant for ensuring plant health. They also come in a variety of forms, from handheld options to versions that are fitted to ATVs. 

The Benefits of Accessorising 

As you can see, there are a wide range of accessories available when it comes to machinery. However, it might not be directly clear yet just how these accessories will benefit you. In this section, we will cover the benefits of utilising accessories.

Widens Versatility

When purchasing backhoe loader buckets, the range and capabilities of your machines expand. Adapted machines can suddenly do more jobs, limiting the need to store and purchase more equipment. This is a particularly good advantage when the project site is small or transportation is restricted, as less space is required to get the same range of tasks completed. 

Saves Money

Accessories are much more affordable than buying new tools entirely, helping you save funds when the budget is tight. Utilising an excavator with an auger drill attachment, for example, means there is no need to purchase a large drill, saving a large amount of money. New large machines also come with other unexpected costs, including the expense of storage. 

Great for Emergencies

Unfortunately, tools sometimes need parts replaced, particularly if left unchecked for a long time. This can be an unwelcome surprise during the middle of a project, particularly when a strict schedule needs to be followed. To help prepare for these disastrous events, purchasing spare parts and other accessories means the job can be completed without delay. 

Caring for Your Tools

When it comes to caring for your accessories and tools properly, there are several ways you can employ their longevity. By doing so, you are unlikely to need to replace entire machines very often, if ever. Read on to learn three ways to ensure your equipment and accessories last. 


To ensure your accessories remain in top shape, it’s important to keep them clean. Mud and other natural materials can damage accessories and parts, so it’s vital to wash these thoroughly and regularly to prevent this from happening. Wiping and polishing your tools is great for businesses too, as it gives off a professional appearance while extending the durability of your equipment. 


There are some ways that issues with your tools can be detected early on, encouraging you to seek advice or replacement parts. Rust is a telltale sign of problems and usually suggests the metal has been allowed to get wet for a long period. To prevent this from happening, make sure your tools and equipment are adequately stored away from the elements. 


Similar to our kitchen knives, equipment with blades requires sharpening to operate at full potential. To keep your tools working properly, make sure you regularly check the quality of the blades and teeth. Replacements are readily available and should be utilised if the blade becomes unusable or dangerous. 

If you ever feel unsure of what to do to maintain your tools, don’t risk damaging them. Our friendly team at Rock Machinery is available to help. 

What We Offer

If you’re interested in purchasing accessories for your equipment, look no further than our products at Rock Machinery. With tailored advice and support, you will find no better service for assisting with your needs. Find out why to choose us and our services in this section of the article.

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