The Advantages Of Working With A Firewood Processor

The Advantages Of Working With A Firewood Processor

Firewood processors are an excellent piece of equipment designed to minimise the hard labour involved with producing firewood. With so many different tools and machinery available to buy or rent, it can be tricky to choose the ones you need. Firewood processors are great for many people and make your workload much smaller. 

If you are wondering whether or not to invest in a firewood processor, here are the advantages of working with this type of machinery.

What is a firewood processor?

Firewood processors are machines used to quickly and efficiently turn logs into firewood. It is typically powered by a tractor or an electric motor and helps you cut, split and stack the wood into uniform sizes. You can also use a firewood processor to clean the wood before it is stacked, removing any dirt or debris from the logs. As a whole, this machine allows for easier stacking, transport and storage of the firewood. You can use the processor to create kindling, which are small pieces of wood to help you easily set a fire. 

What should you know about firewood processors?

Firewood processors are vital pieces of equipment if you are hoping to produce firewood effectively and at a cost-efficient rate. A firewood processor is a machine that cuts and splits logs into firewood of a uniform size. This means it combines a sawmill and a log splitter and typically consists of a conveyor belt, a circular saw and a hydraulic log splitter. You can find firewood processors that run on gasoline or diesel and are able to process logs of up to 20 inches in diameter.

To use a firewood processor, you first need to load the logs onto the conveyor belt, which transports them to the circular saw. The logs are then cut by the saw into specific, predetermined lengths that you have chosen. The records move to the hydraulic log splitter which splits the logs into smaller pieces and makes sure they are the same size. The firewood is then stacked and ready to be used.

If you need to process firewood quickly and efficiently, then a firewood processor is a perfect choice. This is because they are incredibly fast and can cut firewood into a uniform size much more efficiently than a human can. Once the firewood is cut, it is easily able to be stored due to its uniform size. 

This hugely minimises the labour involved in cutting firewood, so is perfect for large-scale operations. For these reasons, firewood processors are an ideal choice for commercial firewood producers.

The benefits of using a firewood processor

Using a firewood processor offers several benefits, especially for those involved in the production and use of firewood. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Increased Efficiency:
  • Firewood processors automate the process of cutting, splitting and sometimes even loading logs, which increases the efficiency of firewood production significantly. This automation saves time and labour compared to traditional manual methods, which as a result, can save you a lot of money as a business. Rather than investing in manual labour, you can create firewood much faster and at a cheaper cost.

  • Higher Productivity:
  • With the ability to process large volumes of wood quickly, firewood processors contribute to higher overall productivity. This is particularly beneficial for commercial firewood operations or individuals who require a substantial amount of firewood. If you need a large amount of firewood, it’s not viable to create this by hand so it’s vital to invest in a firewood processor.

  • Consistent Log Size:
  • Firewood processors allow users to set parameters for log length and diameter, resulting in consistently sized pieces of firewood. This uniformity is beneficial for packaging, stacking and efficient burning in stoves and fireplaces. It is much more accurate than trying to create consistent-sized logs by hand, making it easier and more practical to use a firewood processor.

  • Reduced Physical Strain:
  • Manual cutting and splitting of firewood can be physically demanding and strenuous. Firewood processors help reduce the physical strain on workers, making the overall process more manageable and less prone to injuries. This helps keep you and your employees fit and healthy to continue working and not get let down by sickness or absence from work.

  • Cost Savings:
  • While firewood processors may represent an initial investment, the long-term cost savings in terms of labour and time can be significant. This is especially true for commercial firewood operations, where increased efficiency directly translates into cost savings. While a firewood processor may seem like an expensive piece of equipment to invest in, the cost-savings for labour make the payback time relatively short.


    • Versatility:

    Firewood processors are often designed to handle various types of wood, including hardwoods and softwoods. This versatility makes them suitable for different applications and allows users to adapt to varying wood sources. You don’t need multiple different machines to cut different types of wood, making one firewood processor practical and able to add to your revenue streams consistently.

  • Safer Operation:
  • Modern firewood processors are equipped with safety features, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. These features may include emergency stops, protective guards and ergonomic designs to enhance user safety. You can benefit from better compliance with health and safety requirements and overall employee satisfaction by making your workplace a safer place to be.

  • Environmental Benefits:
  • Efficient firewood processors can contribute to sustainable forestry practices. By utilising wood from managed forests and processing it efficiently, users can support responsible and environmentally friendly harvesting practices. Firewood processors help you make the most of each piece of wood and maximise the amount of firewood created by reducing the amount of waste.

  • Conservation of Energy:
  • Firewood processors often require less energy to produce firewood compared to manual methods, contributing to energy conservation efforts. Firewood processors use a combination of operations, creating a lower environmental impact as they better enable you to organise the worksite and manage smoke and noise pollution more effectively. Firewood processors are also more energy efficient by splitting logs in a way that offers more energy savings and lower quantities of carbon released into the atmosphere.

  • Customisation Options:
  • Many firewood processors offer customisation options, allowing users to adjust settings based on specific requirements. This flexibility makes it easier to meet the diverse needs of customers or adapt to different wood-burning appliances. This means you can maximise the amount of wood created from single logs and ensure that you stick to what stock requirements are needed rather than having too much or too little of one-size firewood.

    Firewood processors to buy

    There are several great firewood processors available on the market. Which one you choose is largely down to your budget and requirements. Here are two firewood processors available from Rock Machinery:

    This 2024 model is £7,199.99 and features a new colour scheme as well as laser cut guards. It is a 20-tonne splitting force model with a modern hydraulic system making it smooth and easy to use. It comes with a hydraulic feeder, 3-metre conveyor, 18″ STHIL Chainsaw blade and Briggs and Stratton engine with electric start as standard. The machine is simple, easy and safe to use as the saw will not engage until the safety handle is used and the guards are down. 

    For £14,999.99, this 30-tonne firewood processor is complete with a log deck, joystick control, 6-way splitter and a more controlled cut-through with a 24” bar. This ergonomic and simple control will allow you to control the log deck, convey in the wood, operate the log grab and saw and split the wood all from one control. If all that wasn't enough you can also adjust the height of the 6-way splitter to get the perfect split from the control handle. 

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