Why Choose An Electric Log Splitter For Your Project

Why Choose An Electric Log Splitter For Your Project

Log splitting is hard work, whether you are splitting logs for commercial or domestic use, a log splitter can be really useful. If you are searching for ways to make your log-splitting tasks quicker, easier and more efficient, you might opt for an electric log splitter. No longer should you have to struggle with manual log splitting when affordable and efficient options are available to help you out. If you are weighing up your options and wondering which kind of log splitter to opt for, we’ve put together this blog to help you understand which option is best for you.

Here is a guide to electric log splitters and why they are a great option for many users.

What is a log splitter?

A log splitter is a mechanical tool designed to make the process of splitting logs much faster and more efficient. They are also called wood splitters. In the past, log splitting has been done by hand using an axe or maul and required a significant amount of physical effort and skill. While some people prefer to use the traditional method, log splitters have become more affordable, particularly lightweight models such as electric log splitters. A log splitter can completely automate the process and exert a lot of force to split the logs.

At Rock Machinery, we offer a wide range of log splitters to help you get the work done quickly and easily.

Types of log splitters

There are various types and models of log splitter, each with different benefits and their own suitable advantages. Here are the common types of log splitters:

  • Hydraulic log splitter: These are more powerful than electric log splitters as they use hydraulic pressure to split logs. They are considered to be very efficient and have the ability to handle tough and knotty wood. You can find hydraulic log splitters in horizontal and vertical configurations. Horizontal log splitters are best for splitting small logs closer to the ground whereas vertical splitters are best for larger logs. Vertical log splitters can help you work at a more comfortable standing height.
  • Electric log splitters: These kinds of log splitters are more popular among homeowners who have smaller splitting needs. This is because they are compact and lightweight in comparison to hydraulic models, which enables them to be easily moved around and stored. If you need logs split for firewood or other smaller projects, an electric log splitter might be the right choice. They are also much more environmentally friendly.

Why choose an electric log splitter?

A log splitter is a big investment, especially if you are a homeowner who just needs one to cut firewood. However, we do believe electric log splitters are the best option for light use and can be a financially viable option compared to petrol log splitters. Here are some of the reasons we think electric log splitters are a good option.

Time and energy savings

Electric wood splitters are the best way to save time and energy when splitting logs. If you are tired of spending hours cutting up firewood to maintain your stash, a log splitter can hugely reduce the time and physical effort required to split logs. Log splitting is laborious but with a wood splitter, you can put more time and energy into other important tasks and projects.

Cheaper option

If you are a homeowner or gardener, you may not have thousands of pounds to spend on a log splitter. An electric log splitter is a much more affordable option, not just in running costs but also in base price. You can find a range of affordable electric log splitter options to suit your home or garden. To take a look at the affordable electric wood splitters we have in stock at Rock Machinery, visit our website.

Safer wood splitting

Not only do log splitters make the work more efficient, but they also increase safety compared to using an axe or maul. There is a significant reduction in the risk of accidents and injuries when using a log splitter, creating a safer wood-splitting method. Log splitters have plenty of safety features designed to help the user feel at ease.

Consistent results

Splitting logs by hand can make it difficult to achieve consistent results. If you are using the logs for a particular project or just want to throw them on your fire, it’s important to have uniform pieces. This means they will burn more evenly. Electric log splitters make it easier to achieve uniform pieces that can be easily stacked and you can even sell firewood if they are all of a similar size.

Create different-sized logs

If you do want to create logs of big or smaller sizes, you can choose various-sized log splitters. Electric log splitters range from 4 tons to 30 tons, so you can opt for the size that best suits your needs and requirements. 

Increased productivity

Dealing with a large amount of wood to split can seem overwhelming. However, by investing in an electric log splitter you can significantly increase your productivity. By choosing an electric log splitter you can easily tackle large amounts of wood with ease in a shorter amount of time in comparison to manual methods.

More affordable to run

Hydraulic log splitters run using petrol, which can be expensive, loud and worse for the environment. Electric log splitters simply plug into your mains electrics, meaning it is more affordable, quiet and better for the environment compared to petrol log splitters.

What are the best electric log splitters?

At Rock Machinery, we stock some excellent models of electric wood splitters which we highly recommend. Here is a rundown:

  • 12-ton Venom Compact MK2 Series Electric Log Splitter: This Venom electric log splitter is robust and practical as well as easy to store, manoeuvre and function. It is designed for domestic use only and offers a 12-ton splitting power which can be used horizontally or vertically. It is powered by a 230V electric motor that plugs into your mains power.
  • 8-ton Venom Compact Series electric log splitter: Another compact splitter perfect for domestic log splitting, this Venom model offers 8 tons of splitting power and is ideal for use at home. It is robust and practical and also powered by a 230V electric motor. The key advantage of this model is that it offers a low noise level of only 92.5dB(A) under load.

Do electric log splitters really work?

Some people can be sceptical about how powerful log splitters can really be. They are best used for smaller-scale log splitting -mostly domestic use and they are powered by electricity, generally a mains plug. If you are a homeowner or gardener, an electric log splitter might be the right choice.

They work by pushing a ram against the log, splitting it into two or more pieces. This ram is activated by an electric motor, so it is much quieter and easier to control compared to petrol and hydraulic log splitters. They are also much more affordable. While you can’t use these log splitters for large projects, they work very well for their intended use and shouldn’t be underestimated.

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